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If you are working with a client who is considering entrepreneurship, you can point them to some of the self-assessments below to help them to determine their suitability on the Considering Entrepreneurship page.


If a client decides that they want to pursue entrepreneurship, there is a wide variety of programs and support in Ottawa and online resources to which you can point them. Some of these are highlighted below under the following headings:




Aboriginal Business Canada - Helps Aboriginal entrepreneurs and organizations achieve their business goals.


Canada Business Ontario  1.888.745.8888 - Free telephone research and information service with requests answered in five business days; multilingual Info-Guides and How to Guides that provide valuable information on many aspects of starting a business.


City of Ottawa Business portal - Information on starting, running and expanding a business with a focus on municipal resources and requirements.


Fresh Founders Ottawa - Source for connecting with local entrepreneurship resources. E


Innovation Works - Part of the “Ready.Set.Work.” initiative, provides an opportunity for at-risk youth ages 16-29 to explore, replicate, start-up and receive supports to start businesses in Ottawa. 


Invest Ottawa - Starting a Business Basics - Provides several resources for entrepreneurs looking to start their own business, ranging from FAQs, an accelerator program, business workshops and seminars, and one-on-one meetings with experienced mentors.


Launch! - A 12-week program to inspire and prepare youth to start their own business.


Ottawa Public Library Business Service - Helps local businesses find the information they need to be successful and stay competitive. Clients include existing businesses, new start-ups, and business students. Online resources include a business directory and business plans handbooks.  Free business consultation.


Ottawa Public Library Directory of Business Services - List of local services for entrepreneurs and businesses.


Public Library list of Government Services for Entrepreneurs - Links to different government programs for entrepreneurs.




Aboriginal Capital Corporations - Network of Aboriginal Financial Institutions dedicated to supporting Aboriginal business development.


Business Development Bank of Canada - Financing for businesses and entrepreneurs, as well as advice and other resources.


ODSP Employment Support - Provides support to people with disabilities to start their own business.


Ottawa Community Loan Fund - Loans and other financing packages for entrepreneurs and small businesses


Ontario Self Employment Benefit Program (OSEB) - Support for job-seekers looking at starting their own business.




Code Factory - Shared office space where entrepreneurs can work and connect. E


Exploriem - Office space and other resources for those looking to start their own business. E


HUB Ottawa - Forum for networking and collaboration between entrepreneurs as well as a shared workspace. E


Invest Ottawa Entrepreneurship Centre - Resources for aspiring entrepreneurs and information about seminars and events on entrepreneurship.


Invest Ottawa Mentorship & Business Advice - Mentors work with a company from inception to the first rounds of investment and beyond. This includes a service plan for all portfolio clients.


Mercury Grove - Startup accelerator in Ottawa that helps build the entrepreneurial community. E


Ontario Works: Self Employment - An Ontario Works employment activity that supports participants, who have a realistic business idea, to successfully develop their business (generally full-time but part-time may be approved).


Ottawa Young Entrepreneurs - Collaborative project between the four Ottawa post-secondary institutions designed to provide resources, mentorship and other programs to help young entrepreneurs succeed.


Startup Canada - Network for entrepreneurs to share information, resources, and engage in the entrepreneurial community. E

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